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Timberleaf Trailer – The Classic Teardrop


Unleash the inner explorer in you as the timberleaf trailers will be your companion throughout the rugged routes. From stock truck to SUV, anything can be accompanied. The unmatchable off-road capabilities of the classic teardrop are designed precisely to make your every journey comfortable. Equipped with electric drum brakes, polished aluminum wheels and axle less suspension, the cabin of the classic teardrop is spacious.

All natural wood folding shelves fitted on either side of the cabin are available as per your needed and can even be stashed away when not needed. The perfectly created array of cabinets and fully isolated cabin give an edge to the classic teardrop trailer. Ideal for the winter season, the spacious cabin is isolated from the cold winter air. To make you feel like home, the Colorado Queen mattress is fitted in your trailer. Explore the world in the world-class classic teardrop trailer.

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